10 Benifits of drinking water.

Introduction to 10 Benifit’s of drinking water.

Hii visitors. 10 Benifits of drinking water. As there are some basic requirements of human being to survive on this planet. These requirements are the water to drink, food to eat and shelter to protect ourselves from climatic change and many other things. In todays post lest see about the first important requirements of human and individual body that is water. As we all know that water is an natural resources whose source is rain and sub source are Lake, river, pond, Ocean and other water bodies.

 Benifit of drinking water.

As we know that earth is cover with more tha 70 % of water and remaining of the land, but not all that 70% is drinkable. In the 70% the salt water is 97.5% of the total water and remaining 2.5% is tha water which is fresh and we can drink it. So we can say that 2.5 % of the total water is present for drinking purpose.

Benifit of drinking water.

As the water has a lot of importance and it’s biggest importance is that An individuals life is life untill he is consuming water. Our body constitute more than 70% of water. So now let’s see what are its benifit for our body.

Benifit's of water

10 Benifit’s

  • The common issues or problem that is caused due to improper bowel movement that is constipation. Water helps to relive constipation.
  • It increases an individuals physical power as by not keeping us dehydrated. if the body gets dehydrated then we will not be able to perform any work.
  • water is means of carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cell.
  • Drinking water can help us to reduce our weight and continuous intake of water help to prevent ache and pimples.
  • Intake of water may help you to prevent the kidney stone. The more we drink water the more will be urine formation and the more will be urine formation. Automatically greater the chances of getting those kidney stone out of the body and helps them to break.
  • It can be used to prevent headache or at the time of headache to reduce the pain. Water can help you to come back from the Hangover stage after you have drunk a lot as it is a diuretic.
  • As we know the more we drink water the more will be the urine formation as more the urine formation more frequently the waste will be removed and more will be the filtration.
  • Water ease the digestion, sometime even after chewing and mixing the saliva into the food that we eat, some dry food globules will be formed in the food pipe and water will help it to pass into the stomach.
  • The water also affect the brain function and also protect tissues and organs.
  • It also helps to stabilize the heartbeat by increasing the oxygen intake into the body.


These were some benifit of water consumption and as everyone knows how important the water is? One/ an individual men should minimum consume 3.7 litre of water daily, a women should consume 2.7 litre of water daily.

10 Benifit of drinking water.


Hope so the above mentioned information is helpfull for our visitors. This uses will urge them to drink more water daily. You can also suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box. If it’s your first time on your website then do allow us to send the notification so you will get regular update of the posts.

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