10 Benifits of Tea and Coffee.


Hii Visitors! This time lest see the benifit of tea and coffee. These are the most preferred drink and specially in the rainy season. People frequently take to get some warmth or as an small instant energy dose. Also people consume this after a long hardworking and stressful day. Also the coffee is consumed in large amount and many countries and these are the demanding drinks of the people.



When we talk about tea it the most consumed hot drink in both the rural and urban areas of the India. Last year nearly one million kilograms of tea was consumed which is a very big number to considered. Specially in india it has become a tradition.


As we know tea is incomplete without the milk, sugar and tea itself. Tea itself means the tea leaf. The tea plants are mainly cultivated in china India, Sri Lanka, and Kenya. Also cultivated in some other areas of Indonesia, Taiwan and United States. The tea plant requires moderately hot and humid climate. For proper growth of the plant at least of 1200 mm of rain is required for tea plant.


Coffee is also consumed after along hectic day to refresh and get back to word with an good mood. Coffee is prepared from crushed form of the coffee bean or seed. The coffee plant is cultivated in the region of central and south America, middle East region of South East Asia and in some region of Africa. When we consider the actual region where it is growing then I. Equatorial region between tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn. It requires temperature range between 73°F to 82°F. With 60 to 80 inch range of rainfall. A fact that is 2.25 billion of coffee is consumed dail in whole of the world.


So this was the short info about coffee and tea and now lets see it’s benifit to our health or which aspect of tea and coffee are helpful.

Benifits of Tea and Coffee.

Benifit’s of Tea

Two an half cup tea a day can reduce the chances of heart disease and as it keep our bones healthy.

As milk has many components into it so it provides energy or strength to the body and also to the bones as milk contains the calcium content into it.

As the tea has milk content into it, it helps in getting a glowing fair and healthy skin.

Milk tea is an anti-inflammatory agent by the presence of antioxidants.

The milk tea contains the caffeine and l- thiamine into it, which helps to reduce the stress and help to enhance the mood or mental state.

The presence of tea into tea helps to refresh our mood and also help us stay awake at late night.


Benifit’s of coffee.

As presence of caffeine helps to change mood and provides us a small dose of energy. Helps in fighting against the depression.

Presence of large no of antioxidants makes it more healthy to consume and is an anti-inflammatory agent.

As the presence of caffeine helps in burning of fat into our body.

Consumption of coffee prevents heart disease and others disease too which leads to long life.

Consumption of caffeine through the coffee increases the adrenaline levels.

Its also source for some of the nutrients required for our body like vitamin B2, vitamin B5, magnesium and potassium.

It helps to prevent some of the other disease like parkinson disease, Alzheimer’s disease and reduce the diabeties.



So the above mentioned information an intro about the coffee and tea as well as their benifits to our body or for our health. Hope so our visitors were able to understand it and get their benefits. You can also suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box. If it’s your first time on the website then do allow us to send the notification to get regular update of the posts.

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