5 Plugins that will enhance your website


Hii visitors!! Till the last post we all know what are the basics and pros we require to start a website. We have see all the tings till the SEO. Now it time to enhance our website. Enhance in the sence to make your website more attractive, more attention grabbing using different tools and etc. What ever will be mentioned below or the information mentioned below will help you to enhance and look your website more attractive and reader friendly. So in todays post we are going to see what are the things or the 5 plugins that will enhance your website.

5 Plugins that will enhance your website

Before going to the plugin lets see what basically the plugin are


The plugins are the tool provided by the WordPress which helps to enhance your website, increase the function and working of the website and ease your work. Its like if you want to add your social media icons then you will need a plugin. There are lots of plugins available in WordPress according to our need and from those we are going to see the plugins which are going to enhance our website. Before that lets see what are the things you need to keep in mind regarding the plugins.

Things you need to keep in mind regarding the plugins.

Specific purpose.

Before downloading any plugin you need to know what is the reason behind or the purpose behind downloading the or installing the plugin. If we know the purpose it would also be easy for us to search for it.

One plugin for one purpose

We should also go for one plugin only for whichever purpose we want it. Usually many of us download lots of plugin for one purpose and use only one of them and the rest are rest the, so we should avoid this thing.

Update your plugin regularly

Whatever or whichever the plugins you are are using it an individual is using keep it updating on the regular basis. Updating it on regular basis will help us to use the updated features and update version. As the updated version is always better to use than that of the last version as it is update version of the last one also improved version. Updating the plugin will also help us to use its extreme function. Usually we just download the plugin activate it and neglect updating it. Which is not a good practice.

Remove unused plugins

We usually have the habit of downloading lots of plugins and only use one or two of them we keep the remaining. Keeping lots of unused plugins will affect the site health. So always keep those plugins which are activated and delete the remaining one as you can download whenever you want it.

Use highly rated and trusted plugins.

As every plugin shows or has ratings, use only those plugins which are highly rated and also highly trusted. As more the rating means more people are finding it useful and user-friendly so it would be easy for us also to work on. Also the filter of rating will also make easy to search for the quality plugin. Those which are underrated will not be in consideration.

5 Plugins that will enhance your website

So these are some of the things that we should know about the plugin.

Now lets see what are the plugin that will help to enhance your website.

5 Plugins that will enhance your website

1. Yoast SEO

As there is no need to tell whats the importance of the SEO and the yoast SEO is a plugin that helps to rank our website or our post on different different search engines. It helps us to rank on search engines by providing some factors or criteria that we need to follow to rank the post. It the most important plugin.

2. One signal Push

This plugin is also an Important plugin. With the help of this plugin we can send notification whenever we have any update or any new post to the visitors. This helps to improve our regular traffic and also te engage more and more visitors. The visitors will get regular notification or update by pressing the red bell icon button which is present on the webpage of the website or any post.

3. Super Socializer

This plugin helps us allow our visitors to Connect our websites social media platforms. Whatever the social media pages we have of our website, this plugin will direct visitors from website to the social media page. It has lost of social media platforms to connect with. It shows by indicating a floating share icon on the website.

4. Davsy

It also one of the important plugin which directly helps to increase the traffic and click on an individual website. It helps to increase the traffic by mentioning the link and a poster of our post on other websites. As this if any visitors scrolls the webpage then in the bottom it get our post link. If the visitor is intrusted he will be directed to our website. It also shows the amount of impressions on the post as well as the clicks and analytical data of our website.

5. W3 Total Cache

This plugin helps to improve the health of the website by improving the performance of the website by improving site speed, optimising the pages and also removing the unwanted cache which has direct impact on the website speed.

Plugins that will enhance your website

so these are the basic plugins that are must and are required to optimise the website


Hope so the above mentioned information about the 5 plugins that will enhance the website. Hope so will be useful for the beginners. You can also suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box. If it’s your first time on the website then do allow us to send you the notification to get regular update.

Thank You.

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