5 things to do to keep yourself away from covid-19

Introduction to 5 things to do to keep yourself away from covid-19

Hii visitors. 5 things to do to keep yourself away from covid-19. Since one and half year whole the world has been suffering form the covid-19 pandemic and now the rate of spreading the covid 19 has been increased by higher rates as compared to the first and second wave. Especially in India the rate is increasing in large stats as compared to the figures of last wave. In India the most affected states are at the top is Maharashtra, Keral, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh. We know that the covid vaccine has been developed but as we are living in the country of 136.6 cr population it is not possible to get the vaccine early. Till the vaccine reaches to us we should be taking lot of care. The corona virus wouldn’t affect us before getting vaccinated.

The Indian government is also taking major step to stop the spread of the covid 19 till the vaccine reaches every single person. By doing many things again like restricting the affected areas, initiating the lock down to the hotpots areas, increasing the beds.

Increasing the production of the vaccine and many other things so there are some things that should be done or followed on the personal level as this can be the last wave of covid-19 so we should take more care of our self. Lets see the five things you need to do to keep yourself away from the covid 19 in short.

5 Things To Do To Keep Yourself Away From Covid-19

Use Mask And Sanitizer

This is the basic thing to do. Many of the visitors may be knowing this thing but most was not that strictly followed after the second covid wave. As the covid spreads by air. The best way to prevent it to use mask specially in the public place and frequently use the sanitizer. Don’t think that there is need to tell the importance of wearing mask. One important thing is those who have been vaccinated also should use mask cause they can be a medium to spread the virus. There are many cases in which after completing the both dose of vaccine people are getting tested positive.

women wearing mask

Stay Home Stay Safe

To prevent your contact to virus or infected people or place one should stay home. Untill and unless every thing gets fine. As the covid affects the childrens and aged people quickly so this people should stay at home. It is the best way to keep yourself away from getting in contact with it. in emergency case if you go out use mask as well as prevent public travelling. Go out only if required. Sitting at home is an easy task instead of losing our lives.

5 things to do to keep yourself away from covid-19

Healty Diet

To fight covid-19 one should have an strong immune system. More the immunity less the chances of getting infected. To prevent getting infected one should have immunity rich diet which should include all vitamins, minerals and more amount of water should be consumed. Also increase the consumption of vitamin C, which helps majorly to fight against it and build your immune system. Prevent the fast food and cold drinks during this periods.

diet to 5 keep yourself away from covid-19

Maintain Social Distance

The main reason of spread of this virus in wide area is cause of not following the social distancing. You should atleat maintain 5m distance from other people especially if you are at public place. One should stay home except medical aid. Avoid use of public transport and if in case used maintain the distance without touching here and there. Avoid going to crowdy place.

people being socially distanced to keep yourself away from covid-19

Sanitizing Your Envoirnment

We know that covid virus can get settled at any place and it can be also the one of which you are contact in. Places like table, sofa, your floor, door handle and many other things. So, this places where you have regular contact must be cleaned or get sanitized on regular basis so it will not affect or infect us. Not only the environmental hygiene is required but also you personal hygiene plays an important. When ever you go out in free environment you may get in contact with that virus VIA infected people or via the public places, so before it enters your body or affects your body and other people in your contact get yourself cleaned or sanitized on regular basis.

5 things to do to keep yourself away from covid-19

Conclusion on 5 things to do to keep yourself away from covid-19

It was just a short info to aware people to take care of them self in this hard time. Mostly many of them may be knowing these thing but then also i thought to share due to the incoming of third wave of covid. Hope so this info was helpful for our visitors. you can also suggest me topic for me for my next post in the comment box. If you are new to the website do press the bell icon.


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