7 Advantage of Sugarcane Juice/Sugarcane.

Hii Visitors. Lets see 7 Advantage of Sugarcane Juice/Sugarcane. Would you believe that a glass of sugarcane juice per one or two day would prevent you from getting the urinary tract infections and also could boost you with a kick of energy early in the morning. As we all know that sugarcane is a plant belonging to grass family Poaceae, with high content of sugar and Sucrose. These are mostly cultivated for the sugar and the jaggery production. The biological name of sugar cane is Saccharum officinarum. Sugarcane is grown in tropical or subtropical climate. The average rainfall required for the cultivation or growth of the sugar can is 150cm and having temperature in between 20 to 26°C. It generally require the warm. Sugarcane is the main source of table sugar in the world.


Contents of sugarcane

  • Water.(70-75%)
  • Fibre.(10-15%)
  • Sugar in form of Sucrose.(13 to 15%)

Contains minerals like

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Potassium

When we see about its uses we go through

  • Used for processing of the Straw, bagesses can fibres
  • It’s stalk itself is used as a fodder
  • Used for the production of second generation biofuel that is cellulosic ethanol.
  • Sugarcane is also used for the production of paper
  • It is also used for the production of sugar and jaggery.

These are some of the commercial uses of the sugarcane. It not only has commercial uses but also beneficial to health in many ways. let’s what are the benefits of sugarcane for our health.

7 Advantage of the sugarcane juice or sugarcane itself

  • As sugarcane contains the mineral like calcium, magnesium and also phosphorus. It helps too keep our bones strong and healthy.
  • Due to presence of the enough amount of Sucrose into in it helps in fast healing or its juice can be applied on to the wound to heal up quickly.
  • It helps to boost immune system due to presence of antioxidants and vitamin c.it also helps to ease our digestion.
  • Sugarcane helps to prevent acne, pimples, due to to presence of alpha hydroxy acid and the glycolic acid.
  • Consumption of sugarcane juice helps to prevent urinary tract infection and help to prevent kidney stone.
  • Good for teeth keeps them healthy and prevents cavities.
  • As we know that sugarcane has natural sugar into it which has low glycemic level which is helpful for the diabetic patients.
  • A glass of sugar cane can help you to boost your immune system, prevent tooth decay and help to clean your stomach.

In some of the rural areas parts or the people who cultivate sugarcane have their own traditional setup of converting sugarcane into jaggery (said as Gul in local language of Maharashtra). The process is known as gural in the local language of Maharashtra. This traditional method is mostly followed in the rural part of Maharashtra and also some part of karnataka. As like the sugar cane the jaggery also has its own health benefits which we will see in another post.



So these were 7 Advantage of Sugarcane Juice/Sugarcane. Hope so all the information mentioned above is useful for our users and can apply into their day to day life. As mentioned above the sugarcane as well as the sugarcane juice play an important role so it should be included in our diet 2-3 times a week to seek it’s all benefits. You can also suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box and if you are new then press on the bell icon to get regular updates.


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