7 things to look after before posting


Hii Visitors!! Lets see what are the 7 things to look after before posting content on the website. In our last post we saw basics related to the digital marketing like domain, Hosting and all the basic things that are required to start or run a website. So lets begin with series of post on actual things required to use wordpress or actual content posting. Now let’s begin with what are the things we really required to do or look after before posting content. Lets begin with the first basic topic that is posting and things related to it. What are the steps we need to follow that will lead to great post. Before that lets see what basically a post is? And also how it is divided.

7 things to look after before posting


In the world of the website the post is nothing but the category of the content that we put on individual website to interact with the visitors. Post is nothing but a systematic way to post or share the information or content that you have with your visitors. The post contains many things like headings, subheadings, introduction, conclusion, images and many other things lets see them one by one. There are different types of the posts or content lets see them.

  • Blog.
  • Calls to action.
  • Landing pages.
  • Content assets.
  • visual content
  • Video and Audio content.

So, the above mentioned were the types of post or content and now let’s see what how the category is actually divided or what should it be like.

Parts of Post

Usually the post are basically divided into three basic part. This dividing of the post into three different parts also helps to simplify the post and easy to post and collect the content. Lets see all the three parts in detail one by one.

Different parts of post.

  • Introduction.
  • Body/Mid/Actual content.
  • Conclusion/End


In this part of the post usually the content writer should give an introduction of what his post is going to be. In the introduction there should be a key line that fill be in every post of yours. Basically in this part o e should give introduction of his content that he is going to post in his post in short. As it is the first part of the post it should cachy and some things different or attractive as based on your intro the visitors are going to continue reading the post.


After you are done with the introduction the next part which comes is the body. The body is nothing but a part of post which contains the main content of your post. Also the topic on which you have written the post and trying to reach out to your visitors. This part is also as important as the introduction. As the body is the part for which your visitors will come upto you. The body should contain detail information about your topic. It should be details but in simple and short writing. One should cover as much as possible point in the body. To connect with the visitors with your topic you can use images, video clip, different headings, table etc many other things to increase the interaction time of the visitors.


After you are done with the introduction and the body part of you post the next what comes is the conclusion. As the word itself show that what this part of the post wants to tell. In this part one has to conclude the post or the content in proper way as to ensure that the visitors would get a sweet end and. The conclusion should be proper and should be well linked with the introduction and the body.

So these were the three part of post on e should follow explain in short. Now let’s come to our main topic that is the 7 things to look after before posting content.

7 things to look after before posting

7 Things to look after before posting.

  • Check for the trend.
  • Choose the topic.
  • Check for the proper keyword.
  • Write your content on notepad first.
  • Check plagiarism.
  • Collect the images or prepare your own infographics.
  • Make sure that your SEO is green/good before posting.

7 Things to look after before posting.

Check for the trend.

Lets see the first thing to look after posting the content that is check for the trend or what people are searching for? This would help to reach out more people as the topic is in trending are people/ visitors are searching for it. Search for Google trend on Google and it will get you to the google trend webpage. There you will get every thing you want just put the topic or your nish and will get what is trending in that topic. So in detail how to do that we will see that in other post.

Choose the topic

After checking the trending searches of your topic. Choose one topic which has the most search rate and easy for you to collect the content. It will help you to increase the no of visitors as it’s a trending topic.

Check for the proper keyword.

After choosing the topic the next step we should do is to check for the proper keyword that is ranking and visitors are using to search. As the keywords plays an important role in attracting visitors to your post or website. To get a proper keyword you can reach out to ubersuggest.com. It is an website which helps us to choose the proper keyword which is mostly searched by visitors. One should select a keyword with less competition and more clicks or searches. In detail about the uber suggest we will see in other post.

 things to look after before posting

Write your content in notepad first.

Usually people directly write the content on the WordPress. So firstly write your content on a notepad so it will easy to edit and make changes. Writing content on notepad will help you to get ready with your final product to directly post on to the WordPress.

Check Plagiarism

So after writing all your content on notepad one should check his or hers contents plagiarism. Plagiarism is nothing but to check weather our content is unique or not, or whether it is copied from all the websites worldwide. If any lines from our content are reused then it will Indicate in red colour so as to changes those. And those lines which are unique and never used before on any website will be in green colour. As our content should be unique from others this tool helps to check whether it’s unique or not. One should post the content unless and until it’ 100% unique. To check the plagiarism search for smallseotools in search box and paste your content and check the content. We will see how to do it in detail in other post.

Collect the images or prepare your own infographics.

So as to make you post more interactive and attractive for the Visitors you should use different images related to your topic, infographics, audio, videos which will help to connect more easily with the visitors. But there is one thing that you have to keep in mind that you can’t any image present on the web as everyone image has its own right. If we use the image that is used on other websites or anywhere we may get copyright issues for the image, so image should be unique and copyright free. So here are some of the website which provides you copyright free and unique images for your blog or post.

Make sure that your SEO is green/good before posting.

After completing all the things mentioned above you can paste your content on the WordPress. One thing that you have to do before posting the content is check weather your SEO is green or is having a good score. As many of the individual do it after posting the content which is not a great way to do.



Hope so all the information mentioned above is really helpful for our visitors to know about the 7 things to look after before posting the content. Hope so it will help those are really into websites. You can also ask any thing you want to in the comment box. You can also suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box. If it’s you first time on the website then do allow us to send you notifications to get regular update.

Thank You.

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