7 Things to look after in winter season


Hii Visitors!! In this post lets see what are the 7 Things to look after in the winter season. Winter has major impact on India. In the local language the winter season is also called as the (Hemant rutu). The time period of this season is two months or it also can be more than two month. It strikes India in the month of the November and December. It begins just after the autumn season. The average temperature in this season is in between the 25-27 degree centigrade. This season is well known for the season of flower or season of blooming flowers. As in this season the plats or trees bears new flower.

Things to look after in winter season

In this season we can observe the fog and dew drops on the plants or leaves. As this season is well known for the falling of temperature and increasing the cold in the environment. This makes people to take out their sweater and woolen cloths out and makes people to stay at home. So the above mentioned info or the introduction was about the winter season and what are the winter things. Now lets see things to look after in the winter season.

7 Things to look after in winter season

As the season go on changing in the same way our body reaction towards these seasons changes. In the winter season the body avoids the cold. as like every other season, winter season too has the different things that we should look after. As every coins has two sides in the same way the winter season has both advantages and the disadvantages. So lets see what are the disadvantages of the winter season.

Disadvantages of Winter season

  • As in this season there is fall of the temperature and the increase in the cold this temperature is more prone to the health problems. Specially to the small children and the old aged people.
  • In winter season if any aged group get hurt or wound then it hurts more than any other season. as the temperature is too low then the warm blood become brittle and this directly or in directly increases the pain of any particular wound.
  • In this as the temperature falls there are very less chances of seeing sun early in the morning we will only see fog and frost in the environment. So this cause the lack of vitamin D and this season is more prone to cause Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Because of the fall in temperature and humidity it has direct impact on the skin. the skin becomes more dry and cause rashes and whitening of the skin as in result use lotion and skin care product to avoid. If the winter has affects a lot then it also cause the skin swelling like the lips, cracks the heal and many other skin problems.
  • As the increase in cold temperature we always have to warm our body so we have to leave our work and keep engage ourselves in keeping our our body warm. Due to incoming of winter it makes people more lazy as there is low temperature outside the house, they usually avoid going out.
  • As there is cold temperature we have to wear more cloths. Like a tea shirt, a jacket and sweater as well as the pants on to it which makes us uncomfortable.
  • The area where there is lot of snowfall its more harder for the people living in that region. It affects all the their their daily routine.
7 Things to look after in winter season

7 Things to look after in winter season.

  • In winter temperature is too low so keep yourself warm by different ways like consuming hot meal and coffee, tea or those who don’t take both for them warm water. the more you let yourself exposed to to cold the more you freeze.
  • Also don’t be late to take out your winter cloths out. Winter cloths like sweater, muffler, head caps, and all that woolen cloths that will help you to keep your body temperature. As more you keep the body worm the less will be the chance of getting any illness.
  • The temperature is not only low outside the house but also into our house. So we should take care of ourself both in and outside the house. The floor of the new houses gets too easily cold so use socks inside the house and also slipper if possible to keep yourself warm.
  • As there is rare sun rise in the winter season so we will miss the natural source of the vitamin D. try to get all the vitamin required from the diet or artifically.
  • Usually people avoid the exercise and get back to bed but getting back to bed will not help you to fight against cold whole day. Instead of getting back to bed one should do regular exercise which will warm the body up. It will help you hole day to fight against the cold.
  • As the winter brings skins problems with it like dry skin, itchy skin, chapped lips, and cracked heels so we should avoid these skin problems by using proper skin care product and avoid these skin problem.
  • keeping the body hydrated by drinking water regularly. Having a proper diet is very important to keep our immune system strong and also to keep ourselves healthy.
7 Things to look after in winter season


Hope so the information mentioned above about the 7 things to look after in winter season. Hope so the above information will be helpful for our visitors to implement in their daily life during the winter season. You can also suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box. If its your first time on this website allow us to send you the notification to get regular updates,

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