8 Tips to celebrate healthy Diwali


Hii Visitors. This time lest see 8 tips to celebrate healthy Diwali. Diwali is a festival celebrated in india which is also known as the festival of different lights. Perticularly in India it is celebrated by hindu, jain, sikhs and Buddhists. As this festival is now know world wide not only this people but the people other than this too celebrate it. As in this festival we light the diyas which and decorate the house. Lightning the diyas represents the victory of light over the darkness. This season is being celebrated at the beginning of the monsoon. This festival is closely related to the godess Laxmi. Diwali continue till 4-5 day with different occasions every day.

8 Tips to celebrate healthy Diwali

Occasions/Days during Diwali.

Occasion/Day 1:- It is celebrated as Dhanteras a first day of the diwali. A festival included in diwali to worship the god of Ayurveda.

Occasion/Day 2:- Day 2 is celebrated as the marks chaturdashi. As it’s the second day of the five to six day diwali. On this day people celebrate the death of the demon Narkasur.

Occasion/Day 3:- Third day is celebrated as Laxmi pooja where people do Pooja of godess Laxmi. They pray to God for wealth, prosperity and good fortune. It most important day or occasion of Diwali.

Tips to celebrate healthy Diwali

Occasion/Day 4:- The Govardhan Pooja is done on this occasion where people worship the Goverdhan hill which provide vegetables and different food.

Occasion/Day 5:- On this occasion the bhai dooj is celebrated. It is similar as that of the Raksha bandhan. A festival or occasion of brother and sister.

Ocassion/Day 6 :- This occasion or day is not celebrated everywhere. It is celebrated is some part of Maharashtra. Celebrated as Tulsi pooja where people perform pooja of tulsi also known as Tulsi Vivah. It is marked as the last day of the Diwali.

Note:- This days are not celebrated continuously they may have gaps in between but are celebrated in the above order.

When the Diwali comes it brings monsoon, joy, happyness, holidays, worshipping god and goddess, different sweet and spicy traditional food, a ritual of burning the crackers and many other things now let’s see how to celebrate a healthy Diwali.

8 Tips to celebrate healthy Diwali

Avoid oily food.

In Diwali people make some traditional food like chivda, laddu, shev and many other things which have high oil concentration. Which is not good for health. So we should prepare that food with less oil.

8 Tips to celebrate healthy Diwali

Consumption of less sugar(specifically for diabetic patients)

Lots of sweet dishes are prepared one suffering through sugar problem should have a control over it. Cause consumption of sugar for sugar patients is not good. We don’t say that one should not eat it, you should eat but in definite quantity or make those sweet dishes sugar-free.

Tips to celebrate healthy Diwali

Avoid the Crackers.

As Diwali is the festival of lights people from long back time have been burning firecrackers to celebrate Diwali. One should prevent the burning of the crackers as they not good for the environment but also not good for the human health as they cause the pollution.


Keep yourself hydrated

As Diwali comes with different different food dished try to consume them in limit and keep yourself hydrated by drinking water regularly.

Be away from smoke and crackers.

If you are not burning the firecrackers and decided to celebrate a pollution free Diwali is good thing, but we also have to keep ourselves away from the smoke generated by the crackers and the Crackers too. As both the crackers and the smoke is not good for health as well as the environment.


Pollution free crackers

If you can avoid crackers to celebrate Diwali the go with the pollution free crackers as they do not harm the atmosphere that much. But I e should go with them with proper precautions.

Pets and animals

The small pets and animals are affected by noise pollution. Make sure that what ever you do you are away from the pet animal. If possible cover their ears or keep them in silent places.

Consuming less electricity

As Diwali is said as the festival of the lights we usually use more of our lights to decorate the house instead of the diyas or lantern. So so one should decorate the house with more of the diyas and lanterns and natural night instead of consuming electricity. So this can help you to save electricity and lower your electricity bills.


Conclusion to 8 Tips to celebrate healthy Diwali

So above mentioned information about Diwali and how to celebrate a healthy Diwali will be helpful for our visitors. Hope so this things will be able to implement in your Diwali to go with a healthy diwali. You can also suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box. If it’s your first time on the website then allow us to send you the notification to get regular update of the website.

Happy Diwali to Our Every Visitors!!

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