9 Tricks to load your website fast.


Hii Visitors!! In this post lets see what are the 9 tricks to load your website fast. In last post we saw what were the easy steps to check Plagiarism and Google trend to. Website loading time is also an important things. Also the loading time directly affect the engagement time of the visitors. Firstly the website loading time is the time required to open or load an perticular website after we click the link. So our website needs to load fast to not let the visitors go back. So lets see what really is the loading time and the tricks to load the website faster.

9 Tricks to load your website fast.

Website loading time

As mentioned above website loading time is the time required to load a website whenever we click on the link. As Website loading time by its name doesn’t look like an important thing, but it play an important role in case of engagement of visitors. Also is has direct impact on the traffic. As some time when visitors clicks on the link to load the website if it takes time to load then the visitors will loose patience. Hence the visitors will be back and it will lead to less engagement and traffic on the website. It not only important for the engagement but also for the approval of the google adsense. So the faster the website loads the more will the traffic and the more the traffic the more will be the engagement time of the visitors.

Tricks to load your website fast.

Before Checking loading time of any website make sure that you have proper internet connection. Some times slow internet connection also leads load your website slow.

So lets see what are the thing or the tricks to load the website fast one by one.

Drawback of slow website loading.

  • As the website loads slow the no visitors will decrease as well as the new users.
  • Once the visitors visitors visits the website and it loads slow then there are very few changes to get that visitors back.
  • The health of an website can be determined by its loading time.
  • The website loading time aslo affect the engagement time of the visitors on the website. If the Website will load slowly the less visitors will come and less the visitors less the engagement time.
  • The website loading time also increase the bounce reate with increase in the load time.

9 Tricks to load the website fast.

Basic fonts

The first tip/ trick is to use the most basic font present in WordPress for writing the content. Using more heavy or complicated font may lead to slow loading of the website. So to load website one should use the basic fonts.

Image size

Second thing is to use the images what ever you use of less size and good quality. It will help to load the website faster as. Less size of the image less the data or net required to load and less the data to required. So ir will load faster. Note images should not exceed more than 200kb.


Don’t use any heavy or large size plugins or tools it directly affect the loading time of the website. Also try to run the website without the elementor as it has many elements into it which makes the website heavy and will take time to load.


Choosing the correct theme also plays an important role in the website loading time. The relation so simple as basic and plane theme it becomes more easy to load the website. As the basic themes includes basic font size, font type, simple colours and elements and also that theme will have simple format or plane format.You can go with the aster theme which is basic and lesser size.


Also once contact to the web hosting providing company if there is any issue from there side. Some times cause of slow hosting also it may take time to load the website. Make sure that you have proper and fast hosting connection.

Use plugin.

You can also use different caching plugin which will help to load your website faster. So that even after refreshing your website it loads faster. The plugin Wp Cloudflare helps to delet the cache and loads the website faster.

Unwanted plugins

As we get lots of plugin for our website and they really help in many ways but don’t keep or use unnecessary plugin or don’t install and keep the plugins that yoy don’t use. You should have only those plugin are under use right now.


If your website has the audio as well as the video content then as like the images make sure that it is of less size or maybe minimum size.


Clear unneeded caches from the website it will to help you to load the website fast and faster than the usual.

9 Tricks to load your website fast.

After doing all the things or after following the given instructions do check out your website loading time. To check it visit the Pingdom.com website. This website shows your website loading time and also the corrections if needed and detail review of your website.

Conclusion on 9 Tricks to load your website fast

Hope so the above mentioned information mentioned about y tricks or tips that will help to load the website fast are helpful for our visitors. Also they will be able apply it on their website. You can also suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box and if it is your first time on the website then do allow us to send you notifications to get regular update.

Thank You.

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