What are benefits of dragon fruit?


Hii Visitors!! Let’s see What are benefits of dragon fruit? . Dragon fruit originally known as the Pitaya. Its shape gives the vibe or shape related with dragon or the fire ball. This fruit belongs to the family Cactaceae and also so called as the dragon fruit. It belong to the genus. This fruit mostly cultivated in the southeast Asia. It also mostly grown in the tropical and subtropical region of the globe.

When we talk about specific place where it is cultivated then those places are Mexico, India, United States, Australia, Northern South America. The name of this fruit is English given to it since 1960. As like every other fruit the dragon fruit is also important for our body and has lots of benefits for our body. Dragon fruit has protein carbohydrates and vitamin in definite amount. Lets see what are the proteins carbohydrates and proteins present in the fruit and its amount.

Benefits of dragon fruit

Nutrient content

Dietary fiber1.5 g
Sugars84.11 g
Proteins3.55 g
Energy1150 kj
Vitamin C9.0 mg
Vitamin E15 mg


Calcium100 mg
Sodium35 mg

Some more Key points

When we talk about its structure its an oval shaped fruit with red spikes on it which are initially of red colour and at the end they become of green colour. Red colours from outside and the white part inside which is eatable. Dragon fruit also an portable dragon fruit plant which also can be grown in the garden. The dragon fruit is rich in fiber and the magnesium which has many health benefits lets see what are the benefits of the dragon fruit the so called Pitaya.

Benefits of dragon fruit.

  • The protein present in it helps to form bones into fetus. This fruit is good for the pregnant women as it contain iron an folate and rich in fiber it gives energy during the pregnancy. It is also used to prevent the defect to the baby as well as during the pregnancy.
  • The presence of good amount of protein an magnesium help to keep our bones healthy and strong. As the strong bones results in strong joints and then it leads for the proper movement. It contain about 20% of the magnesium.
  • Consumption of this fruit help to boost the immune system and also keep our immune system stronger cause of presence of the Vitamin C and the Vitamin E, which help to prevent any disease or any infection. It not only helps to prevent cause of any disease but also helps to fight against it.

Benefits of dragon fruit.

  • As this fruit is rich in fiber or the dietary fiber which help to maintain a balance in blood sugar level and prevent the up and down in the level of sugar in the diabetic patients.
  • Helps to fight against the chronic diseases as it contains anti oxidants so helps to fight against the disease like cancer, arthritis and consumption of these fruit ease our digestion due to the presence of the dietary fiber.
  • This fruit is rich in nutrients as it contains the protein, carbohydrates lots of kj of energy, some vitamins and the minerals too. These nutrients like carbohydrates proteins vitamins and the minerals helps to keep our body strong healthy and fulfill our needs of these nutrients the quantity of each nutrient are mentioned above in the tables.
  • As it contain iron. It helps to increase the iron level into out body. Iron which helps to pass oxygen into blood and till every essential organ of the body.
Benefits of dragon fruit

Conclusion on Benefits of dragon fruit

Hope so the above mentioned information is really helpful for our visitors and are able to get what are the benefits of the so called Pitaya(dragon fruit). We really recommend to consume the dragon fruit as cause of all the benefits to health mentioned above. you can also suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box. If its your first time on the website allow us to send you the notification to get regular updates of the posts.

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