How to get hosting?


Hii Visitors. In this post we are go to see what is hosting and how to buy it. In one of the recent posts we mentioned there what basically a domain is? and how to buy a domain in detail.

Also this is the second most important thing required to start a website. Hosting is a service which allows individual to present their website on the internet/ world wide Web or you can say that hosting make your website live or available on the we 24×7 so that people or visitor can be engaged on your website. The web hosting companies they give space on the server owned or leased for the buyers or client.

The hosting not only provides just hosting but also software, security, support and the bandwidth which connects your website to the web/ internet and some other things too.

Let’s see some of the type of hosting

  • Shared hosting.
  • VPS hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting.
  • managed hosting.
  • Cloud hosting.
  • Colocation.

Some of the things to be looked after before buying an hosting package

  • One should go through their terms and conditions before buying their hosting packages.
  • check weather the 24/7 help support is provided or not, in case if you get any problems regarding the hosting and with other tools provide with it.
  • The hosting also bring Various online threats which can affect your website and the hosting so for this thing not to happen check the type of security provided by the hosting provider. A regular backyup is also important in case all the data get ereased so also check for the proper data backup. Presence of both this things In you hosting package will make sure that your website is safe.
  • One should choose a hosting company which has a good reputation in market also maximum uptime and minimum downtime.
  • Today’s world people are judging the products, any products on their basis of the review or rating. Similar in case of the hosting company they are also been reviewed or rated on the basis of the service they provid. Choose the one having highest reviews and ratings.
  • Both the hosting and the website is controlled by the Ppanel where you have full control over hosting or your website. So check for the Ppanel and also check weather it is being charged or not cause many of the companies provide it for free.

How to buy hosting?

The above mentioned information a detailed introduction of the hosting so now let’s see how to buy hosting step by step.( our reference or the site through which we are buying hosting is GoDaddy)

Steps to buy hosting

1st Step.

Open your browser and search for GoDaddy in the Google search.

2nd step.

After searching GoDaddy you will get many link scroll down and click on the first link where it is mentioned as

3rd step.

When you are done with clicking first link you will be on the home page of the GoDaddy websites. If you have not yet registered then go on profile icon present on the right corner and create your account via Google Facebook or your phone number.

4th step.

When you finish creating you account, come back to the home page of GoDaddy and at the left corner you will see three lines at left corner click on it.

5th step

A block will be opened where you will see hosting click on to it.

6th step.

After you will click on the hosting you will be on new page where different type of hosting packages will be displayed. According to your budget select one of them and click on add to cart.(scroll down to see more)

7th step.

when you will click add to cart then go to the cart where the total price and the duration of the hosting plan will be given. After reading it click on continue to checkout and you will reach on the payment page complete your payment and then you will receive a confirmation email and this process ends.


So information mentioned above clears the concept of what is hosting and also helped regarding getting a hosting plan. Hope so the information mentioned above is helpful for our visitors and will help them while purchasing hosting.

You can also suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box and if you are first time on the website then press the bell icon to get regular updates regarding of post.

Thank You.

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