How to register for vaccine in India?


Hii Visitors! Lets see How to register for vaccine in India? Since one and half year whole the world is suffering through the pandemic that is the Covid-19. Many of have us lost many of our close one due to pandemic. It not only affected the human body but also many things like employment, education sector, economic conditions of the world, poor people whose revenu was based on daily wages and mentality of people and many other things. It had big impact on the countries like USA, India, China. China is considered as the origin of the Covid-19. when it comes to India it had a deep impact of people as well as the government.

Initially in india it was not having that much of impact. There were just one or two cases daily all over the india. Then slowly the number was increased and had a great increase in the no of cases and india become the second largest country the have the most no of people to get infected.

There were many people who were getting well to, but there no was too less as compared to the infected people. These no were increasing decreasing on their own basis. The no would be less when people would take more care and the it would increase when people would think the no everything is fine by introduction of an new Covid- 19 wave l, which would bring more no of positive cases.


This up and down in the number of cases was going on untill the vaccine was introduced in india, people were just relaxed that not everything will be fine as the vaccine was introduced and the lockdown was also stopped. Till that time lockdown was finished and people started to neglect the precautions to be taken. As india is the second most populated country in the country it is not possible the vaccine would reach ever single person just within 2 or 3 days. Then the second wave was introduced and then the number gradually. The people started taking precautions and the no gradually the no started decreasing. The doses were started for people till age 45 in first slot. Then the 18+ were also allowed to take the dose.


You might be thinking that the heading is something the blog is some thing. What the f**k the blogger want to say. Don’t worry you will get the ans for what you are here, jut wanted to give a shot intro. Hope so you may have liked. Thought to make some thing different than other or else some how you would have found an other way to get this info. So directly let’s come to the point.

How to register for vaccine in india?

As befor the vaccine was introduced government made an app to keep us safe from other Covid patients. That was aarogya setu, so the vaccine can be registered on the both platform one is aarogya setu app or the co-win website both of them are controlled by the government. Through registering for those two platform you can get vaccine. Let’s see how to do that through Co-win website.

register for vaccine in India

Steps involved in registering for the vaccine.

1st step

Open your browser and type Co-win in the search box and press enter.( You can also search for Covid-19 vaccine registration, vaccine registration or covid-19 vaccine).

2nd step

After pressing search you will the first search results as as it the government websites for registering the vaccine. Clik on the first search result.

image showing How to register for vaccine in India?

3rd step

You will open up on the co-win website there you will an option in the yellow box that is “register/ sign it yourself” you have to click on to it.

How to register for vaccine in India?

4th step

You will enter on new page if that websit where it would be mentioned as register or sign in for vaccination. Typeable space will be given below where you have to type your phone number for registration. The click on the blue box where you will it will be return as get otp.( Note:- prefer to give the no which is registered with your adhar card.)

5th step

Then one otp will be sent to you for otp varification. Note the otp there and click on varify and proceed.

6th step

Fill up your adhar details and then click on the register button or option. By one phone number you can register four of your family members for vaccination by filling up the adhar details.

7th step.

When you will complete that you will be on the new page where in an square like rectangle you will see you name and an option that is shedule. It means buy clicking on it you can immediately shedule date and time for vaccination if available. Click on it.

8th step.

When you will click on shedule then a new window will appear. It to search nearby hospital, date and time for the vaccination. You can check it by putting your pincode or by giving the district name. Then enter you perticular pincode and click on search button.

9th step.

A new window will be appeared below which will contain name of different hospital or place, these are nothing but the centres for vaccination. Filter your self by adding your age, the dose you want to take ( covishield, covaccine or sputnik) as per your choice. select the centre which is easy for you to reach then select the time and click on the schedule option. You will receive an msg for completing your schedule and can print the registration form by clicking on the file icon aftre scheduling. these are steps for how to register for vaccine in India?


  • As this app or website is only the one platform to register for vaccination for all the India and we know the population, so some time you may not be able to register or get otp don’t get Panic for try after an hour or some time.
  • You can only schedule your date of the lots are available.
  • If in case you were not able to rech to your scheduled time for vaccination cause of some emergency the no worries you can reschedule it.
  • Sometimes it may show the schedules or some times it may one should not get Panic for this, this are dependent on the circumstances of the perticular place.
  • And the dose is eligible only for 18 and above people.
  • After the dose will be taken you will receive an msg of receiving the first dose and will be recommended you to take the second dose after 84 days. A link will also be provided to download vaccination certificate.


Hope so above mentioned information is helpful for our visitor to get how to register for vaccine in India? and will help them to book their vaccine. If you get any problems you can comment and as it. Hope so you liked the content and you can also suggest topic for us for our next post and if you are first time on the website allow us to send you notification to get regular update of posts.

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