Pharmaceutical schedules.

Pharmaceutical schedules 1.First Schedule:-list of ayurvedic,siddha and Unani Books2.Second schedule:- Standards compiled with by imported drug and by drugs manufactured for sale,sold,stocked or exhibited for sale. SCHEDULE TO THE RULES (A to K) Schedule Contents A:-List of forms used for making applications for issuing licences,granting licences,sending memorandums. B:-fees for test or analysis by the central … Read more

Covid-19 diet plan

Proper nutrition and hydration are important. people that eat a well-balanced diet(the diet which contains all nutrition including water) tend to be healthier and have stronger immune systems and lower risk of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases. So you ought to eat a range of fresh and natural foods a day to urge the vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, protein and antioxidants which are required by your body.