10 Health tips for rainy season.


Hii Visitors!! As we are living on this beautiful planet, we got many natural things like trees, living organisms, oceans, mountain, Hills light, oxygen and many others essential thing. Also came up with different cycle like water cycle, day and night cycle, food cycle, season cycle and etc. Each of them has both positive as well as negative effect on our health specially when it comes to talk about the seasons.


There are four major categories or the types of seasons you can witness. Summer, winter, spring, fall. These four mentioned season have there own advantage and disadvantage. So in today’s post we are going to see what are the things to look after in rainy season the wet season with regards to your health.

Rainy season means the seasons of water/ rain and also some cold, season of cold, season of cough or we can say the seasons of illness. Which initially break off at the time of end of the summer and start of the rainy season. It is cause of drastic change/ decrease in the temperature and rain. This drastic change in temperature and favourable environment for the growth of disease causing viruses, protozoans and organisms one should take care of individual. So lets see the things to look after during rainy season.


Things to look after in rainy season.

Avoid not to get wet in the rain or get yourself drained off in rain. It would lead to fever/ increase in body temperature as well as cold.

In this season do try to prevent the collection of water for long time at a place it leads to growth of disease causing microorganisms. Not only the micro organisms it also colled mosquitos which may cause malaria, dengue and leads to cause many diseases.

As the whole world is suffering from the pendamic that is the Corona viruses. The type of conditions created in this season are favourable for their growth and multiplying their number.

Excersise on daily basis I’ll keep your body warm and healthy and fit.

As monsoon is the perfect time for the incoming of the virus so in such time we should increase the intake of the vitamin C which will help to fight against it if we get infected. Prevent the intake of junk food or street food.

The water which you use should clean and one should disinfect it and not allow the rain water to get into it.

People in cause of hurry or lack of time wear the we cloth usually the children. One should not wear wet cloth it may lead to fungal and skin infections.

In this season make a habit of cleaning the fruits and vegetables on regular. Try to consume only boil or cooked food.

Personal hygiene of individuals is very important in the seasons where growth of bacteria, microorganisms, viruses in more prone. Specially the children when ever they come home from out they should clean themselves.

Always try to get minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep improper sleep can lead to cold or fever in this rainy season.



Hope so our visitors are able to understand the things to look after in the rainy season as it the seasons of falling ill and getting infected. So by reading this post and taking these precautions you will be safe and healthy in rainy season. If can also suggest me topic for my next post in the comment box. If you are first time on the website and liked the content do press the bell icon to get regular updates of the website.

Thank You.

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