Type of training required to start Website.

Hii Visitors. In this post let’s see the third important aspect for starting a website that is training. In previous posts we got how to how-to get domain, how to get hosting and got know to all the basics of web development/ designing.


The new beginner can easily follow the first two steps of buying domain and hosting, but time comes when we actually work on it the training is must. Hence it is called as the most important aspect of the web development or starting a web site.

So if an individual decided to start his own website then firstly he will buy a domain. Then comes the hosting plan he will get it too. But when the time come of actually working it he will be stuck there cause for that he will need training.

Training is actually the lessons required regarding how to work on the tools provided by the hosting plans. How to work on the WordPress? How to be used friendly to the Ppanel and many other things.

Things included in the training.

  • When we will purchase hosting that time we will get wordpress. WordPress is the tool required to work on website or handle the content writing and the design of the website. To know how to use that tool we require training.
  • We will also get a tool that is Ppanel which handles everything of the website. Like Checking the traffic, checking the available space and Installing different different sub tools like WordPress, the SSL certificate and many other things too. So to know how to use these tools we require training.
  • When we go deep in wordpress training us required to know how to post? How to change theme? How to create pages? How to check the comments? How to download different different plugins.
  • Training is also required for SEO. SEO is the plugin or tool used to rank our posts on the different search engine. Unless and until we get what is SEO and to complete it’s criterias to rank post we will be not able to rank our post.
  • These were the big things regarding the website but there are some small things which are included in the training which plays important role are how to arrange post How to use different different plugins etc.
  • Training also includes many other tools explained how to use them are
  • Google analytics
  • Google trend
  • Google webmaster or search console etc
  • Also how to grow our website, increase the visitors organically and through referral, how to increase visitors count, how to give quality content are included in the training.
  • Giving so much time to one thing an individual do expect a small amount of earning through it which will be worth of his time that he has spent and the hardwork done. The source is the Google Ads, affiliate marketing, freelancing, consultancy and many more thing are included in training and explain in detail.

After reading all this you may be thinking now we are ready to start a website and want to take training. You may get many options for the training but as per us you should look out for following training companies for the best training.

  • CIPL
  • GoDaddy

By visiting their website you will get a deep info about their respective package and their price point.


Hope so the above mentioned information is helpful for the visitors and are able to understand the importance of training and the things included in training. You can suggest us topic for our next post in the comment box and if you are first time on the website then press the bell icon to get regular updates of the website.

Thank You.

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