What are benefits of Fig?


Hii Visitors!! lets see about what are benefits of fig? Ficus Carica is another name for the common fig fruit. Ficus Carica also defines the species which fig belongs to. This fruit belongs to the kingdom Plantae, family Moraceae and genus Ficus. The fig contain more than 850 plus species. the fig usually grown in the areas like Turkey, Northern India and some other Mediterranean countries. as it requires the warm climate for its growth. Also its binomial name is Ficus Carica/ biological name. The temperature range which it requires is 39°C.

What are benefits of Fig?


When we think about the cultivation of the fig. It requires the warm climate foe the cultivation. The fig fruit is tropical and deciduous and sub tropical plant. The temperature range which it requires is 39 degree C the mature plant also can survive at low temperature till 4°C. The soil required for the cultivation of the fig is clayey loam soil. It should also have the good water holding capacity. The PH of the soil should be near to 5.5 to 6. They also propagate by the means of cutting dormant wood. It is usually planted in the square system.

Benefits of Fig?

Nutritional content

As like every other fruit the fig also lost of nutritional content in it like its rich source of energy. also contain different types of vitamins and minerals. So lets see what are the nutritional content of the fig fruit in detail.

Energy1035 KJ
Fat0.90 g
Protein3.0 g
Water27 g


Carbohydrates 60.2 g
Sugars44.5 g
Dietary Fiber9.5 g


Vitamin K14.9 ug
Vitamin E0.32 mg
Vitamin C1 mg
Vitamin B10.082 mg
Vitamin B20.079 mg
Vitamin B30.60 mg
Vitamin B50.39 mg
Vitamin B98.8 ug


Minerals Content
Iron 1.5 mg
Calcium161 mg
Magnesium65 mg
Phosphorous 65 mg
Sodium9.5 mg
Potassium675 mg

What are benefits of Fig

  • The fig is the rich source of the energy as it contains the 1035 KJ of energy.
  • As they contain the dietary fiber hence the dietary fiber help to ease the digestion and a void digestive problem. The fiber also help to soften and add bulk at the stool which helps to prevent problems like constipation. Hence the fruit help to ease the digestion and also prevent digestion related problems like constipation. it also helps to prevent the stomach pain and the
  • The fruit also helps to maintain the healthy skin by preventing the skin getting wrinkle and it also protect the skin from any skin allergy and keeps the skin healthy cause it shows antioxidant effect on the skin cell.
  • The consumption of the leaves or the fruit of the fig plant shows the anticancer effect. it shows anticancer properties against the breast cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer and the cervical cancer.
  • Fig is also good for the diabetic patients as the consumption of this fruit help to decrease thee insulin level which in result helps to maintain sugar blood level.
  • Consumption of this fruit is good for the heart health by maintaining the blood fat level and by lowering the elevated blood pressure level also keep the vascular level good. hence improves the vascular and the heart level .
  • As the fig is rich or high in the iron so the presence of high iron and the minerals levels they contribute to the hair health or we can say that the consumption of the fig is good for the hair health.
  • The fig contains the minerals like potassium and the calcium which helps to maintain the bone health and helps to prevent the osteoporosis. it also helps to keep the bones as well as the joints strong.


Hope so the above mentioned information about the benefits of fig, the cultivation and the nutritional content. also hope that this information will help our visitors to apply it in their daily life. You can also suggest me topic for our next post in the comment box. If its your first time then allow us to send you notification to get regular updates.

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