What are benefits of Kiwi?


Hii Visitors!! Lets see What are benefits of Kiwi? kiwi is commonly found fruit belongs to the family Actinidiaceae. It is also known by an another name known as Chinese gooseberry and belongs to the genus Actinidia. This fruit is brownish from outside and greenish from inside and with black seed. The fruit is oval in shape nearly same size of the egg.Origin of the fruit is from china the name gooseberry is originated from china and the kiwi is used world wide. China, New Zealand, Iran, France, Italy, Greece and Chile are the major producers of the kiwi. Amongst them china has the largest production rate as compared to other places.

What are benefits of Kiwi?


The formation of the kiwi fruit is by the pollination process taken place between the male and female kiwi plant. As the male parent release the pollen grain into the air. The female receives that pollen grain they get fertilized and form the fruit. As for the proper growth of the kiwi fruit it requires the cold temperature. Specially the temperature which is present in the winter season. it needs sandy loam soil with its PH 7.3. After harvesting of the kiwi fruit it should be stored at a proper place at proper temperature ( room temperature ) to ripe. Lets see which and in what quantity the nutrients are present in the fruit.

benefits of Kiwi


carbohydrates15 g
sugars12 g
dietary fiber1.1 g


Vitamin k6.1 ug
Vitamin e1 mg
Vitamin c160.1 mg
Vitamin a24 ug
Vitamin b20.070 mg
Vitamin b30.225 mg
Vitamin b50.10 mg
Vitamin b60.075 mg
Vitamin b930 ug
Vitamin b120.05ug
Calcium15 mg
Copper0.151 mg
Selenium0.4 mg
Iron0.21 mg
Potassium300 mg
Magnesium10 mg
Phosphorus22 mg
Energy250 kj
Water82 g

As like every other fruit the kiwi also has benefits for our health . so lets see what are its benefits with regards to our health. As like mentioned above this fruit has lots of nutrients present into it, which are beneficial to the health. So lets see them in detail.

What are benefits of Kiwi?

  • As the vitamin c is present in the kiwi it helps to synthesize the collagen into our body. These collagen are responsible for the healthy and hydrated skin.
  • Regular consumption of the fruit will help you prevent or treat the asthma. As it has high amount of vitamin c it means it has high quantity of antioxidants help to reduce the wheezing and cough ans specially in children.
  • Due to presence of the zeaxanthin in large amount which helps to prevent the muscular degradation which may lead to loss of vision, so it helps to prevent the eye loss and the muscle degradation and good for eye health.
  • As due to the presence of vitamin k, calcium and some other minerals it helps to keep our bones strong and healthy. It also prevent the degradation of the bone or osteoporosis.
  • The kiwi fruit helps to boost out immunity and immune system, which in result help our body the fight against the disease. As well keep our body fit and health and also source of many nutrients likes vitamin and many other things which are essential for our body for proper growth and development. it mostly provides all the requirement of the body nutrient.

Benefits of Kiwi

  • Periodically consumption of this fruit will help to maintain the white blood cell or also increase the white blood cell count if they decrease than that of their normal number.
  • Kiwi fruit is advised by the doctors to the pregnant women during pregnancy as the kiwi helps in the cell division and also prevents problems caused during the pregnancy to both the fetus and the pregnant women.
  • Potassium is present in kiwi helps to prevent the vessels contraction and keep the blood vessels relaxed and also helps to maintain the blood pressure.
  • The consumption will keep you away from heart diseases, cancer, kidney stone and help to reduce the constipation.
  • The kiwi fruit help to ease the digestion as it contains proteolytic which helps in proper breakdown of the component of the food which in result ease the digestion.


Hope so the above information mention about what are the benefits of kiwi fruit and also its cultivation and it benefits to our health. Hope so these benefits which are mentioned above will applicable in your daily life. You can also suggest us topic for us in the comment box. If its your first time on our website then allow us to send you notification so as to get regular updates.

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