What are the uses of tulsi

Hii visitors, this time let’s begin with a new herb commonly known as tulsi. As it is basically originated from India. It is mostly found in India. Tulsi comes with its many benefits skin to our body and also for different purposes. Today let’s see what are the uses of tulsi, its history, its classification and some detail information.


Ocimum sanctum is a scientific name of tulsi. It is also recognise as holy basil, it is a medicinal herb use in Ayurveda, a form of medicine that originated in India. The herb is Closely related to the mythology/culture of India also consider as a queen of herb.Tulsi is also worship and has crucial importance in Indian culture, Tulsi is native to India and Southeast Asia.

Specifications of tulsi

  • Scientific name: Ocimum tenuiflorum
  • Higher classification: Basil
  • Family: Lamiaceae
  • Order: Lamiales
  • Rank: Species
  • Kingdom: Plantae

Type of tulsi’s

  • Rama tulsi
  • Krishna tulsi
  • Vana tulsi

Uses/benefit of tulsi

As we know that many of the people get preely mature so so to stop or prevent this pre maturing tulsi is used.

As like the other herbs like aloe vera, neem tulsi is also use for reducing the hair problems like hair fall dandruff or scalp also helps to keep the hair strong and thick.

It is also use for the external purpose. Means for skin to prevent acne dark spots also use to brighten the skin tone and commonly use for healthy skin.

Tulsi is use to prevent cold cougf throat pain. Also for the treatment of asthma respiratory problems and heart related diseases.

Consumption of tulsi is the natural way ot get rid of smoking therefore use to stop or quit the smoking.

It helps in weight loss by boosting the digestive system system.

It boost our immunity naturally.

Tulsi prevents the occurrence of respiratory diseases and also cough cold and fever.

It prevents the formation of urine into the kidney and prevents the formation of urine show list the the formation of urine place will be the formation of kidney stones.


So these are some of the uses of tulsi and make sure that will be useful for my visitor
For intake of tulsi there are no requirements of any e recommendations prescriptions by doctor it is natural and doesn’t have any disadvantages aur side effect. One should consume at least 3-4 leaf of tulsi in the morning and in the evening which will help you in the above mentioned uses.

Thank you.

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