What is health

What is health

Hii visitors! Lets see What is health.There are many ways in which we can define what is health? and also have been made many attempts to define what is health. So according to WHO they termed it the total physical, mental and social well being and not merly an absence of disease or infirmly. Even the widely accepted definition is too long in the sence that attaining physical, social, mental well being for any particular human being at any particular time and is just idealistic goal absence of the basis in reality and too narrow in the sense that it does not consider all prospective of health like educational, occupational, spiritual. The concept of health also refers to the aspect of viz physical , mental, social and spiritual. So lets see what are the aspects of the it in detail.


Aspects of health

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Social health
  • Spiritual health


Physical health refers to the structural and functional integrity of the individuals body. It indicate or shoes weather weather all body parts are structurally and functionally in the proper state or normal state and have proper coordination between the organs and system and prefer their function properly. The physical health is also major aspects of health and the physical health can be maintain or balanced by doing regular physical exercise and also maintaining or taking proper balanced diet.



When usually when we talk about it we mostly only give importance to its the physical aspect only but mental aspect equally important as the physical aspect. Mental health meant to mind of an individual. As there is a saying that healthy minds live in healthy body. It is basically defined as the the state of balance between the individual and surrounding world. A mentally fit individual has calm state of mind doesn’t get angry too early, has ability to handle stress anxiety, depression, many other small thing which makes an individual mentally fit.

feel good about or of themselves, feel comfortable with all type of people. Also have strong and long lasting relationships. They express emotion appropriately and is spontaneous. They also have a positivity into them and also have the ability to deal with ups and downs into there life and can cope with them. So these are some of the characteristic quality that an mentally fit person should have or exhibit.



It is not only of medical care but of the overall integrated development of society, economics, culture, educational , social and political. The social health also means the ability of an individual to inetract with the people and maintain a good relation with them. They can also adopt themselves in any of the social situation. The social well being thus means the harmony and integration within individual, between each individual and other members of society. Some of the qualities that an socially fit person has are as given below.

social health
  • They have ability to maintain good relations with the people both socially and the close ones
  • Have a proper balance between their personal and social life and also give proper time to it
  • In every social situation they have ability to deal with them
  • They can intaract with all type of people socially
  • They are able to create and develop goo relation and friendship rapidly and also long lasting
  • Socially they have a proper behaviour and do respect all
  • Also follow the social etiquette and the social manners


The spiritual health maintain the proper balance between the physical , psychological and social aspect of the human life. It also refers to the spirit or soul. It is the supernatural power that contributes to the health of than individual. According Ayurveda it believes that all individuals are governed by social and cosmic forces. It also state that for well being of individuals, in addition to physical , mental, social and spiritual components of health, it is necessary to follow a set of rules and regulations in daily life.

The modern medicine having importantly mechanistic approach towards human cure neglects the feeling and aspirations of the patient. The research has determined that the spiritual link between spirit, mind and body is important in human cure. Studies have shown that changes in life style of individual can help to reduce the incidences of diseases. Psychology too helped in identifying unconscious forces both personal and collective. The royal to self realisation and Moksha in the Indian mode of life is a path of essential isolation. These further viewed as means of counteracting mechanistic effect of modern medicine. Respect for these practices caused their inclusion in pathway to it.


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