Why WordPress Over Coding?


Hii Visitors!! This time let’s Why WordPress over Coding? In our initial posts we got the things which are required to start a website and saw them in detail about every thing. Now at this point we are clear that what are the things required to start website. Things like Domain, hosting, wordpress, etc. Now let’s begin with the series of post which will give you an detail idea about all other small things. So lets begin this with our firs detail post about the what is wordpress and what are its benifit. Also what are the things we can do with the help of the WordPress tool.

Wordpress Over Coding?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is basically a open way to create a website or manage your website as it used to manage all the things on to your website. We can call WordPress as the manager of your website. It manages many things like publishing your content, editing your content and mostly all the things of an website. It’s a platform which helps to manage your website with and without coding in an easy and flexible way. Usually wordpress is considered as a tool which is provided to the creator in the hosting plan while we buy hosting for thr website and also it’s free.


What are the benifits of WordPress

As in the above paragraph we got to know that what is basically wordpress called? And now let’s what are its benifit.

  • Initially a website can be run by two was with coding and without coding. When we talk about running a website with the help of coding it gets too complicated for an individual to work on and also it’s time consuming too. But wordpress is the platform which is is easy to use and user friendly.
  • When we think running a website without coding we have an misconception that we can’t get full features as that of the website running with coding which is wrong. We get the same features or freedom as we get in running the website with coding, basically we have more things features that of running the website with the coding.
  • The WordPress is available for free.
  • It uploads or add the content easily and in a faster way.
  • WordPress is not just a platform which helps to run website without coding but also for individual who want to run the website with coding can also get to WordPress.
  • WordPress is easy to understand and also user-friendly too and not too complicated to work with.
  • It is also the safe and secure platform to work with.
  • It provides lots of themes which helps to make your website more creative and visitable.
  • The plug-ins provides by it helps do anything on to the website. Literally everything thing that can be done on coding based website.
  • Its easy to update and also the inside update are too easy to update ans also not too complicated.

What are the things included in the WordPress.

In the above paragraph we saw what are the benefits of the WordPress. Now let’s see what the things that we can do with the help of the WordPress tool on our website.

  • Post content

With help of the WordPress helps to publish and create the Content for our website also helps to edit the content any time.

  • Create pages

It helps to create different pages like home, about us, disclaimer, privacy policy and etc which makes our website look more professional.

  • Create categories

Categorising our content is very important part of the website which can be done through the WordPress.

  • Provides SEO plugin

WordPress provides many plugins and one of the most important one from it is the Yoast SEO. It’s an important tool which helps to rank our post on Google pages. The plugins are just like the apps in the app Store, install it use it.

  • Provides different plugins

Helps to provide different plugins which will help to customise and enhance your website.

  • Some other things

The above mentioned thing are the basic things that an individual can do with the help of the WordPress tool. There are many more things that a wordpress can do or help in like customise themes, provide the coding platform and gives full access to customise every part of the Website, etc.

Why WordPress Over Coding

Less time consuming

The amount of time required to run an website through the Coding is lesser than that of the WordPress, so we can say that using wordpress is less time consuming.

Easy not too complicated

As running an website with the help of the coding is to hectic and complicated than that of the WordPress. WordPress is easy and simple platform or way of running a website with.


WordPress is more user friendly than that of the Coding platform as in this we get easy access to everything but in Coding it’s not that easy or it’s not that user friendly. Once 5-10 use a if the WordPress will the user more easy and fast to run a website.

Not too much of training required.

As to even run a basic of program /website we need to know coding and for that we need to learn Coding first through different different platforms or courses. It is must if you want to run website with help of coding you should know coding. But in case of the WordPress not too much of intense training is required. Individual without knowing the basic of wordpress can even use the WordPress by using it frequently. No such as training is required to run website with the help of WordPress.

Provides more access to your website

On to the WordPress we can do more customisation than that of the coding. There are no such limits that with the help of WordPress you can do only limited thing. To be fare you can do more things on WordPress than that of the Coding. Hence it provides more freedom for an user.

Why WordPress Over Coding


Hope so the above mentioned point like what is wordpress, what are the benefits of WordPress, the things included in WordPress and why to preffer WordPress Over the coding are really helpful for our visitors. Also will help our visitors to choose over WordPress and coding and help them to handle the website. If it’s your first time on the website, then do allow us to send you the notification to get regular update about the posts.

Thank You.

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